Occupational Health Providers in Birmingham

Employee health and wellbeing should be the main concern of any business owner, as they have a direct impact on staff productivity, and therefore the profitability of the business. Here at Healthier Workforce, we are expert occupational health providers with over 10 years of industry experience, and our carefully selected partners are Safe, Effective, Quality Occupational Health Service (SEQOHS) accredited. We believe that completing individual health assessments and designing a comprehensive health surveillance system is the best way to improve workplace wellbeing and meet necessary legal requirements.

Our aim is to reduce sickness absences in your workplace by implementing various occupational health services, such as:

We tailor our service to the needs of each business, collaborating with HR departments and business owners to create the best plan for improving staff wellbeing and health. Our business operates through a nationwide network of professionals, so no matter where you are in the UK, your company will have the most qualified health practitioners to assist you.

Healthier Workforce offers our professional occupational health services to businesses across Birmingham, and the surrounding areas. If you are interested in learning more about our range of services, contact us today.