Occupational Health Services in Coventry

Prioritising staff health and well-being is important for any business – that’s where Healthier Workforce comes in. We help companies throughout Coventry stay compliant by ensuring their teams have safe working conditions, whether they are on-site or remote. By doing so, our clients have benefited from a more engaged, motivated workforce and you could do the same by getting in touch with us today.


Occupational Health Providers

We’ve worked hard to earn our industry standing as one of the UK’s leading occupational health (OH) providers, catering to a variety of sectors throughout Coventry, including construction, office and professional services, and airports and transportation. 

Our accredited and highly qualified health professionals from around the UK collaborate with HR managers and business owners to improve workplace well-being and meet their financial goals. We tailor our occupational health services to meet the needs of each individual business, offering bespoke packages to create a plan that is fit for purpose. 

Sickness absence can be costly for a business as productivity and money can be heavily impacted. By enlisting our experienced OH practitioners, you are supporting your team and protecting the stability of your business. We pride ourselves on giving our clients total transparency throughout every stage of the process, from the initial contact through to providing feedback on our recommendations.