This health surveillance is mandatory, so HSE continues to balance the need to protect the health, safety and welfare of workers and the current constraints presented by the coronavirus outbreak. To ensure you remain compliant, it is vital that you work with Fusion to start screening your employees albeit in a different way.

Stage 1 Icon Set Up

Healthier Wokforce will analyse your employee health surveillance data and let you know how many appointments are required to keep you compliant.

We will contact you to book the required number of appointments

Part days and single appointments can be offered where required


  • Telephone assessments
  • Video assessments
  • Remote onsite clinics

Stage 2 Icon Managing the outcomes

No issues raised Full assessment deferred for 6 months


  • Video assessment by OHA/OHP (Subject to Triage)
  • Face to face assessment (a face to face medical examination with spirometry should only be necessary in exceptional circumstances)

Stage 3 Icon Onward health surveillance

We’ll prepare the data ready for next phase of assessments as and when the HSE amend the guidance

You will remain compliant providing remote screening is undertaken

Remote clinic options and pricing

For all remote assessments you will need to provide a quiet room for the consultation. If employees are away from work at this time we can call them at home with their consent. We can conduct the consultation by telephone by either calling the room or the persons mobile phone.

If the room has a computer we can use Microsoft Teams to conduct a video appointment. If you can’t provide a room with a phone we can travel to site and set the room up with a tablet that would be used to conduct the appointment. Our technician would work from a different area to ensure we remain compliant with the HSE guidelines.

To find out more about our remote clinics, contact us today.