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This is your secure area to submit either your Pre-Placement Health Questionnaire or your Night Workers Health Questionnaire.

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For your convenience, Healthier Workforce has provided a secure, 2 step authentication, online portal to submit your New Starter Health Questionnaire or Night Worker Assessment direct to our clinical team for review.

The purpose of the questionnaire is to assist your employer to meet its statutory duty to maintain a safe and working environment and to provide them with the advice for necessary & reasonable adjustments to enable you to carry out your role.

GDPR – We will not use or share with any third party the data provided to us by you. All data is stored securely on servers that are based within the UK and will only be used to assist us in determining the best diagnosis. You will only be contacted by a member of staff or associate of Healthier Workforce Ltd.

Registration is simple, fast and secure.

Step one – Register your account using the signup form on this page.

Step two – Fill out and submit the questionnaires to help us assess your needs.

Step three – We work with your employer to make recommendations to help your health within the workplace.

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