On-site Health Promotion Days in the UK

Here at Healthier Workforce, we are experienced occupational health providers, offering health promotion days to businesses nationwide so they can improve staff health and wellbeing. We understand that engagement is essential when encouraging your employees to make positive lifestyle choices, so our on-site health promotion days are designed to capture your employees’ attention. These events involve activities promoting health and fitness, and encourage a deeper engagement with the information by providing one-on-one advice from health professionals.

Our on-site health promotion days are tailored to your business’s requirements, so the information provided will be relevant to your employee’s needs. We will plan an event that covers topics you wish to focus on, such as nutrition and healthy living, individual health assessments, or massage and exercise. The event can include displays of health educational tools and equipment – for instance explaining how alcohol units are measured – as well as offering helpful documents that staff can take home for further reading.