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Management Referral in the UK

By spending a few moments detailing the challenges you or your employee is facing will allow us to provide the correct path forward.

Watch how the process works

To help us determine the correct level of clinical support that is needed to assist you and your employee, we require a management referral to be sent to our team.  You can complete this quickly using our secure, two step authentication online referral system.

Please spend a few moments describing your reasons for making the referral along with the advice / support you are seeking from our clinical team.

In most cases, the clinical support required will be via telephone consultations. Occupational Health consultations are not designed to produce a diagnosis but to provide an evidence-based opinion on a person’s fitness to work.

If you would like to learn more about how we triage cases and the pros and cons of telephone v face to face consultations, please find this information here.

By completing the online referral, you are not committed to using our services, this simply allows us to provide a solution to support you and your employee along with our quote for the support.

Watch how the process works

Once you have completed the form, one of our specialist team will be in touch, which is normally within a couple of hours or if you prefer, please call us on 0800 030 6037 where we will be happy to help.

GDPR – We will not use or share with any third party the data provided to us by you.  All data is stored securely on servers that are based within the UK and will only be used to assist us in determining the best diagnosis.  You will only be contacted by a member of staff or associate of Healthier Workforce Ltd.

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  • Step oneRegister and Verify your account using our secure portal 
  • Step twoComplete the Management Referral Document and submit securely
  • Step threeOne of our triage nurses will review your referral 
  • Step fourWe provide a solution along with our fees

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