Ensuring Your Employees Are Safe at Work in the UK

Every business owner is responsible for making sure their employees are fit for the work they do, and aren’t carrying out duties that will cause harm to themselves or others. Here at Healthier Workforce, our nationwide network of health professionals can provide fit for work medicals which assess whether your staff can safely perform their required tasks. We make sure employees can complete their work in-line with government guidelines, and check for medical conditions which could stop them doing the job efficiently and safely.

Fit to work medicals are one of two types of fitness medicals we can provide – the other is a safety critical medical. Safety critical medicals are a more thorough medical assessment for workers in specific safety critical roles, whereas the purpose of a fit to work medical is to generally assess whether a worker is able to carry out their job. Through our expert assessment, we will either determine that your worker’s occupational health is not fit for work, or they will be fit for work and can continue on with their role.