Occupational Health Referrals in the UK

If you are concerned about the health, performance or behaviour of an employee in relation to their job, it’s time to arrange an occupational health referral with Healthier Workforce. With a nationwide team of accredited practitioners, you have access to our wealth of experience in the field of occupational health. 

Our OH referrals are there for the following situations:

  • Long term sickness or absence (continuous absence for 4 weeks or more)
  • Recurring short term absence 
  • Poor or reduced work performance due to a health problem
  • General concerns about an employee (there may be no impact on performance or absence, but a change in behaviour)
  • Questions over whether an employee’s health problem is due to their working environment

Once you have received consent from your employee, you can proceed with making an occupational health referral to securely submit a form online, including as much detail as possible for our clinicians to review, and we will take care of the rest – it couldn’t be easier.